Media services

I have been educated in media research, media planning, media buying/selling, and in new media development. In addition to my formal media and business education and illustration/fine art pursuits, I have supplemental experience in brand consulting, creative direction, B2B communications, social media marketing, and production.

As a media specialist, I help brands understands themselves better, ensuring that consumers better understand brands. This is achieved by providing media plans consisting of insights, logistics, and recommendations. As a creative, I use strategy as a base for an intuitive and engaging campaign.

Media Strategy Summary


Media plans consist of thorough primary and secondary research that determines all insights and recommendations. Insights include: an analysis of the business location/s, the identification of primary & secondary competitors, and a finely tailored target audience (using demographics, as well as psychographic and behavioral factors).


Plans then use research and insights to determine proper brand messaging (or voice) for a business and an effective mix of media vehicles to deliver the brand message to the target audience.

  • Media vehicles include: OOH (experiential marketing), print, broadcast, radio, online (SEM/SEO or social media), video, mobile, etc.


In addition to insights and logistics, the media plans provide meticulous media scheduling (short and long-term) and a precise budget breakdown that presents exactly how much should be spent where. Finally, the plans determine the most appropriate KPI’s, guaranteeing trackability and accountability.

  • Budget breakdown consists of breakdown by time period, reach, frequency, etc.

  • Cost calculations include: CPP, CPM, CPC, CTR, CPA. etc.

  • KPI's include: Impressions, conversions, shares, etc.

Overall, I encourage a research-based, consumer-centric mentality, helping businesses understand how consumers think. By providing long-term plans that anticipate possible shifts in consumer culture and the economy, I can help form meaningful, long-lasting relationships between businesses and consumers.